I’m visiting my hometown of Gainesville, FL. I like Gainesville, we have two movie theaters, two hospitals, and our very own airport, what’s not to love?

Anyway, I hate to think that I’ve changed, except… the guy next to me just totally showed me up in the ongoing “Just Be Decent” Olympics.

A homeless/drunk couple came up and asked for change:

MY ANSWER: I don’t have any.
HIS ANSWER: Here, don’t spend it on beer.
MY FOLLOW UP: Well, I do literally have some change (handed ~30 cents over)

The woman complained about chest pain.

MY RESPONSE: [I didn’t even hear it.]
HIS RESPONSE: Do you need me to call 911?
MY FOLLOW UP: Uh, what are your symptoms? Could be indigestion.

After deciding that it was indigestion.

MY MOVE: [Go get her some free water.]
HIS MOVE: [Go buy her some un-free food.]

L.A., I think you broke me. I would have never have lost this show-down two years ago. I need to start training again.



3 thoughts on “Just Be Decent.

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