Rewatched the LOST pilot the other day. Trying to study how you build a story with lots of characters.

One of my favorite things about the episode that I wish had become an actual “Jack” thing, was that, after the horrific crash, later, while sitting on the beach he describes his crash theory to Kate.


But before he does that he trundles up to the forest, gets a leaf, and rips it into the shape of a plane, and then trundles back to the beach to tell his story with a nice visual component.

It would’ve been a really great (and horrible) thing if Jack had then spent the rest of the show creating leaf-props, every time he wanted to explain things. Especially to Kate. Like maybe he thought Kate was an idiot that couldn’t comprehend things without a botanical display.

“Kate…it’s like this… (rip rip rip) the dharma station is this leaf… over here is the hatch.”

“Kate, no you’re just… sigh… (rip rip rip) This is the future leaf, this is past leaf, and this is us, on the island. Yes, the stick.”

“Kate, what the fuck…listen to me very carefully.   (rip rip rip) Okay, now if THIS is Sawyer Leaf, and (rip rip rip rip rip rip) THIS is Jack Leaf, why in the WORLD would you pick Sawyer leaf over Jack Leaf? Sawyer leaf is just out for itself. Jack leaf is reliable. Consistent. And yes, an alcoholic. .”

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