My friend, and musicologist, Andy Hutchins passed me a link today,(  it was of a hip hop act that performed on Jimmy Fallon last night.  I watched it, and realized that I have turned the corner and am old.

I feel like one of the keys to realizing you are getting old is when you have more questions than you do answers.  What’s that beeping noise? How do I send email? How do I open this attachment? How do I do a 3 way call? What’s an iPad?

If youth is marked with (unfounded) certainty, oldth is marked with wall to wall questions, which is what this video did to me, for 3 minutes straight.

Why the ski masks?

Why is the chick from the ring on stage?

Why is there a lawn gnome on stage?

Why is everything synthesized, except for the Tuba?

Why did you decide you no longer needed the mask? Did you know that was going to happen, going into this?

Excuse me. Two lawn gnomes. Why?

Who is the white guy texting?

How did Felicia Day keep her composure enough to say “Wolf?

Why doesn’t everyone jump on Jimmy’s back?

I don’t understand. I know it’s cool, because everyone is happy and ?uestlove is on stage, but I … I’m going to go sit in a rocking chair, and watch the sunset.



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